Before Pick Up you need:

1. Crate

2. Food and water bowl

3. Puppy pads

4. Brush

5. Tear-free puppy shampoo

6. Bag of the Purina Pro Pan Savor Shredded Chicken and Rice

    Puppy Food

7. A few small toys - They like the ones that are soft and easy to


8. A few small blankets - I got to Wal-Mart or the fabric store and

    buy fleece by the yard and just cut it down into 2 or 3 smaller


9. Schedule an appointment for the puppy to be checked within 3

    days of pick-up

10. Puppy proof your house making sure that there isn't anything

    hazardous within the puppy's reach, or anything that the puppy

    can choke on.  


Order your

puppy food

at Pick Up bring:

1. Blanket or two

2. A small crate (depending on how far you are traveling)

3. A couple puppy pads

4. Balance due for puppy in cash