Before Pick Up you need:

1. Crate

2. Food and water bowl

3. Puppy pads

4. Brush

5. Tear-free puppy shampoo

6. Bag of the Purina Pro Pan Savor Shredded Chicken and Rice

    Puppy Food

7. A few small toys - They like the ones that are soft and easy to


8. A few small blankets - I got to Wal-Mart or the fabric store and

    buy fleece by the yard and just cut it down into 2 or 3 smaller


9. Schedule an appointment for the puppy to be checked within 3

    days of pick-up

10. Puppy proof your house making sure that there isn't anything

    hazardous within the puppy's reach, or anything that the puppy

    can choke on.  

Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice.jpg

Order your

puppy food

at Pick Up bring:

1. Blanket or two

2. A small crate (depending on how far you are traveling)

3. A couple puppy pads

4. Balance due for puppy in cash