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Our Schnauzer Story 

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Home of the Miniature Schnauzer with a Heart as BIG as Texas

We're the Edwards Family, and we raise exceptional quality, Champion Bloodline Miniature Schnauzers in Houston, TX.  Our Miniature Schnauzer story, began decades ago.  Our first Miniature Schnauzer was a little guy named "Romeo" whom we brought into our lives in 1990.  Needless to say, we were hooked immediately.  A year later, we purchased a female Miniature Schnauzer companion for Romeo.  From there, our adoration for the breed quickly grew from Schnauzer parents to Schnauzer breeders.  We spent countless hours researching the breed standards and developing relationships with Champion kennels. 

Subsequently, we had our first litter of Miniature Schnauzer puppies approximately 23 yrs ago.  Little did we know that this was the beginning of a whole new life for us, and what a beautiful and rewarding journey it has been.  If you have ever had a Schnauzer, you know they are simply the best companion a person could ever have.

About The Miniature Schnauzer


The Mini Schnauzer is an energetic, active, small dog in the terrier group who has clean habits, is neat in size, and makes a delightful companion for both an apartment dweller or someone with a house and yard.  Their versatility makes them a perfect companion for a variety of lifestyles including hiking, running, and family pet. Both charming and attractive, the Miniature Schnauzer is perky and devoted to his home and family.  In addition, the Miniature Schnauzer is a very intelligent, curious, playful and loyal, good with children, and easy to train. Also, since they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs, they are perfect for people who need allergy free pets. The Miniature Schnauzer has a reputation for being an excellent small watchdog and the fact that he is vocal, rather than directly aggressive, with a seemingly innate ability to distinguish between friend or foe, makes him a popular choice for many prospective owners. They are hardy and healthy pets with a generous life span of approximately 12 to 15 yrs.

Breeding Standards


We absolutely love and adore the Miniature Schnauzer, and we're devoted in every way to raising puppies that will bring their new families many, many years of happiness and companionship.  We are in full compliance with all of our AKC inspections, including but not limited to: cleanliness, record keeping, and overall care of our dogs.


The fact that all of our Schnauzers have been hand picked based on quality, healthy, champion bloodlines that adhere to the breed standard coupled with the fact that they're hand raised in our home with lots of daily love and attention means that we are able to raise puppies that are the optimal combination of both conformation and disposition.


That being said, we only raise the standard colors of black, black & silver, and salt & pepper and all of our dogs are between 14-16 lbs.




Why Champion Bloodlines/Pedigrees are Important to Pet Owners

All of our dogs are AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzers.  We are not showing our Miniature Schnauzers in conformation competitions at this time.  However, because we are conscience, reputable Miniature Schnauzer Breeders, we strive to adhere to the Miniature Schnauzer breed standard set forth by the American Kennel Club.  Thus, we have selected our dogs exclusively  from healthy champion bloodlines. When looking for a new puppy to adopt, many people don't understand why very selective breeding with champion pedigrees is relevant to them when they "just want a pet".  The reason it is important is primarily the health of your beloved pet.  No Schnauzer owner wants to see their dog's health fail whether it is a champion in the show ring or a family pet.  Health problems are both heart wrenching and very expensive.   Secondly, you should insist on a quality Miniature Schnauzer puppy that is as closely bred to the standard as possible in both conformation and temperament, after all those are the characteristics that we all fell in love with these precious dogs.  There are many Schnauzer breeders, kennels, and dog breeder sites selling puppies that don't even resemble a Schnauzer.  All are cute as puppies, but what will they look like as adults?  Will they look and act like the result of a very poor backyard breeding, or will they have the look and outstanding personality that we have all fallen in love with when bred by an experienced, reputable Schnauzer breeder.  We are proud to have bloodlines from a number of the top show breeders in the country, and we are honored to produce quality, healthy, companion pets.

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