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Welcome to

Home of the Miniature Schnauzer
With a Heart as Big as TEXAS!

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Below you will find pictures and information about our
BREEDING CREW and their home. 

Our Home

             The Play Area

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Lone Star's Angel Eyes
Angel is one of our newest girls here at Lone Star.  She has a beautiful Champion sired pedigree, and her mom is our own girl, Paris.  Unlike her Mom, Angel is a little on the shy side, but she is very, very loving and sweet.  She loves to have her belly scratched.  We're looking forward to along relationship with Angel, and can't wait to have some beautiful pups from her.

View Angel's Pedigree

View Angel's Champion Sire


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Lone Star's Amelia Flies High in the Sky
Emmy is an absolutely gorgeous Schnauzer.  She is a little reserved when she first meets you, but quickly she's your best and most loyal friend.  She is beautifully built and has wonderful puppies.

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Lavuh Lone Star's Mad About You
This is Maddie.  She is one of our youngest girls, and we are so excited to have her.  She's a beautiful dog with an exceptional pedigree.  We just think the world of her.  Maddie's very easy going, and is quite a crowd pleaser. 

View Maddie's Pedigree

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Lone Star's So Fine Sophie
This is Sophie - isn't she beautiful!  Sophie is such a wonderful dog!  She's very childlike and playful (like her Mom, Paris).  She's just a little sweetheart!  Nothing bothers Sophie - she's just goes with the flow...

View Sophie's Pedigree

View Sophie's Champion Sire

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Amaya Lone Star's City of Lights

This is Perfect Paris (as we so affectionately refer to her).  Paris is one of the sweetest, most lovable dogs I have ever owned. She absolutely loves her toys - by the end of every day, the basket is empty and they are strewn about the house.  She loves to play, but don't let her sweet nature fool you, she is quite the Tomboy - she loves to roughhouse.  My daughter says she's "passive aggressive" because there's not an aggressive bone in her body, but at the end of the day, she always gets what she wants. And the icing on the cake - she has a wonderful, Championship Pedigree.

View Paris' Pedigree

View Paris' Sire

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Lone Star's Silly Swizzle Stick
This is Silly Sizzle.  We named her that because she is so playful and full of herself.  She will just charm you like you've never been charmed.  She is Jazz and Lance's girl, and we are so glad we kept her because she has turned out to be one heck of a wonderful dog.  She's full of life as you can see above with her ears flying in the wind, and playing with the cats.

View Sizzle's Pedigree

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Suelen Lancelot Black Knight
Lance is a beautiful Champion Sired Schnauzer, and is the newest addition to our Male Posse.  He is a wonderfully sweet, loving and playful young man.  He loves everyone, and has no enemies.  He has an absolutely gorgeous pedigree, and we're confident that he will be a key player in our breeding program here at Lone Star.

View Lance's Pedigree

View Lance's Champion Sire

View Lance's Dam

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Lone Star's Quick Draw Wyatt Earp
Wyatt is the newest addition to our Stud Crew.  He is a very sweet, lovable, curious young man.  He started his show career last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to continue.  He is a stellar quality Champion bred dog.

View Wyatt's Pedigree
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Lone Star's Pedal to the Metal
"Hot Rod"
This is my boy Hot Rod.  He is an absolutely beautiful Champion sired male we kept from Roxie and Chase.  We are just thrilled about having him with us.  As you can see, he's a real looker, and he has been afine addition to our Crew.  He's always very curious and once he sets his mind to something, don't even try to distract him.   He's all boy!

View Hot Rod's Pedigree

View Hot Rod's Champion Sire

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The following two females belong to my daughter.   Both of these girls were my puppies, so they are from my lines, and they breed them to my males.  If you're interested in purchasing a pup from one of these mamas, please contact me. All of their pups and upcoming litters will also be posted on my Pups for Sale page.

Lone Star's Maybe She Will, or Maybe She Won't
This is our sweet, sweet Mable.  She is just a wonderful, loving girl.  She has beautiful babies, and is a great Mama!


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Lone Star's Jamaica Me Crazy
This is our little sweetheart Jamaica.  Jamaica is one of the sweetest Minis you will ever meet.  She loves everyone and is very content and laid-back.  She loves to play hard with the best of them, and then just chill out in mama's lap!

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