Why AKC is the Dog Registry of Choice for Reputable Breeders


As someone looking for a quality, purebred puppy, you should be aware that not all dog registries are equal. The American Kennel Club has been around since the late 1800's, and is the oldest and most trusted purebred dog registry governing body in the US.  It is the kennel club that has set the standard for the most recognized dog breeds today. When you watch a dog show on television and you see the judge evaluating a dog on the table, it is the American Kennel Club standard of perfection for that particular breed that he is comparing the dog to. No other kennel club compares to the strict guidelines and commitment to quality upheld by the American Kennel Club.

At one time, being registered normally meant a dog was registered with the American Kennel Club, but all of that changed with the use of DNA Testing.   In the summer of 2000, AKC began it’s mandatory requirement that all frequently used sires have a DNA sample on file with the AKC.  Currently, AKC is the only registry that has this requirement.  With these DNA samples, AKC has genetic proof of the puppy’s purebred lineage.  

 But the commercial dog industry (puppy mills, brokers, pet shops, etc.) who could not meet AKC’s strict DNA requirements and who were not willing to comply with AKC’s rules and regulations faced a serious problem -they needed to provide “papers” so they could tell the public their puppies were “registered”, so the barn door swung open and out poured dozens of new “breeder friendly” dog registries.

Below is a list of known registries.   Most of these registries will accept AKC registration as proof of a dog’s lineage and will dual register the dog.  However, the reverse is not true.  This should speak to the credibility of AKC registration.  Take the time to visit each registry.  Most of them require very little information or proof of identity in order to register a dog.  Several only require the “word” of the breeder or a picture of a dog which appears to be a purebred in order to register the dog.  Because of these lax standards and less expensive registration costs, these pet registries are often used to register and get fraudulent pedigrees for dogs. In addition, they are also used to register cross-bred dogs as purebreds.  If you want to know for certain you are getting a genuine purebred Miniature Schnauzer, and that the parentage has been verified through DNA profiling, make sure that you only buy an AKC registered pup.   When considering a purebred dog, ask yourself the following questions of the type of registry the dog is sold with.



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How old is the registry? ACA  American Canine Association
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they only register purebred dogs? ACHA   American Canine Hybrid Club
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they sponsor dog events, such as dog shows? ACR American Canine Registry
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they set acceptable standards for each breed? AKC American Kennel Club
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they require DNA to prove parentage? APA  American Purebred Association
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they keep stud books for producing pedigrees on dogs? APRI America’s Pet Registry Inc.
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Is there a phone number that you can reach them at? ARF Animal Research Foundation
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they encourage responsible breeding and proper care of dogs? ARU Animal Registry Unlimited
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they conduct random inspections on breeders? CKC Continental Kennel Club
pawprint.gif (148 bytes) Do they suspend and/or revoke breeders? CKC Canadian Kennel Club
DRA Dog Registry of American – formerly U.S. Kennel Club
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
FIC Federation of International Canines
IPDBA  International Progressive Dog Breeder’s Alliance
NAMBR North American Mixed Breed Registry
NAPDR North American Purebred Dog Registry
NKC  National Kennel Club
UABR United All Breed Registry
UAKC United American Kennel Club
UKC United Kennel Club
UKCI United Kennel Clubs International
UKCI Universal Kennel Club International
WKC World Kennel Club
WWKC World Wide Kennel Club        


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